How to treat psoriasis on the body?

Since the disease of psoriasis is still considered incurable, all experts are looking for the most optimal approach to ensure that at least for a long time to calm the pathological irritated condition. For this, means such as surgery are already used, and not just the use of tablets, injections or ointments. To identify the most effective medication for psoriasis for all patients at once, you still need to conduct some studies. Therefore, doctors select each patient for psoriasis treatment individually, in order to minimize side effects and achieve stable positive results.

Doctors prescribe medication for psoriasis

Briefly about this disease

Psoriatic disease ("psoriasis", "scaly lichen") is a disease of a non -communicable inflammatory nature that has the characteristic signs and features - unacceptable and uncontrollable itching, burning of the skin, swelling with the formation of papules or intense growths. red plaques with pus or sulfuric plaques. Both young children and adults are prone to misfortune-age characteristics play no role here. Finding the cause and its elimination is now in the stages of study, analysis and experimentation. Therefore, the use of one or the other method to neutralize psoriasis on the body will always be complex.

Additional information.When choosing a method of treatment or medication, they are also always guided by the patient’s preferences, how much easier it is for him or her to take the course - by taking medications orally, applying them externally, or combining methods.

How to treat psoriasis on the body - ointments and medications?

The selection of the right tool that will really help the patient will depend on a number of different features and conditions.

Doctors will find the most effective treatment, first of all, focusing on the following:

  • the general condition and well -being of the patient;
  • duration of illness;
  • its type;
  • what is the form of pathological travel;
  • registered (or unregistered) exacerbations;
  • what are the corresponding deviations from existing health norms;
  • patient age;
  • the presence of disease in his relatives;
  • individual characteristics, indicators and body parameters.
Ointment for the treatment of psoriasis

Most importantly, experts from the field of orthodox (classical) medicine accurately recognize the complex approach to the treatment of this disease. Everything that can be used that, one way or another, has helped or helped those who are getting better and for a long time. It is worth highlighting the most basic effective methods of treating psoriasis, psoriatic dermatitis, which consists in a whole set of manipulations and medications.

Therefore, the doctor will prescribe an ointment, medication or procedure from the following list of main methods:

  1. Creams - most often belong to the group of the most effective means that are easy to use. Of these, the most popular:
    • almost any option where there is vitamin D in the composition;
    • glucocorticosteroids.
  2. Ointment - is a hormone and not a hormone. The first option copes with the task more quickly, but affects the background of human hormones. The latter are less hormonal safe, but they act more slowly.
  3. Gel material - relieves inflammation well, removes toxins, can be a special and universal purpose.
  4. Therapeutic aerosols, sprays - greatly prevent the emergence of new foci, and also serve as an excellent prevention during the period of remission. The main ones are as follows:
    • with zinc pyrithione;
    • Chinese antiseptic (can be used daily).
  5. Cosmetic, healing, essential and even edible oils soften the skin, act as good antioxidants, and some of them are ready to heal wounds quickly (especially sea buckthorn oil).
  6. Homeopathic directions - always given individually.
  7. Special body care products - shampoo, soap, milk, lotion.
  8. Herbal therapy - it can be not only tinctures for drinking or rubbing, lotions, application, but also baths, the use of herbal extracts in saunas, baths, when the skin is most soft and moist.
  9. Chinese Medicine.
  10. Pills, injections - many options are used and strictly prescribed by specialists.

Notes!There is no cure offered for psoriasis that has not been able to cure the disease completely and for the rest of your life.

Preparations for psoriasis on the body for different cases

You can also separately note which is better to choose a drug for psoriasis on the body, its various parts. For example, you can’t put cream on your head - that’s a fact! Then you should be more careful about the way prescribed by the doctor and stop at the more optimal one. For the legs or arms, there are special approaches to treatment.

How to get rid of the disease in the head?

The gel is excellent for a soothing and cooling effect on sore skin that is overheated. But often they use a simple and common way - wash your hair with a special shampoo.

To do this, you can buy shampoos such as:

  • tar;
  • Cosmetics, with healing effects;
  • antifungal drugs;
  • Baby shampoo.

How to treat irritation on the hands?

For nail treatment, doctors will always prescribe the gel in addition to other drugs - the effect lies in the fact that it can gently eliminate the inflammatory process. Essential oils or medicines heal wounds perfectly and soften the skin, cleansing it.

Pay attention to the following options:

  • extracts from this series;
  • celandine oil;
  • for wound healing - sea buckthorn, king banana, tea tree, cumin (black) and others.

We often work with our hands, doing things, so they are most often exposed to the external environment. Experts believe that the most effective remedies for psoriasis on the hands are ointments, gels and creams in combination with oils in between taking special ingredients. Not only can this psoriasis remedy soothe the skin on your hands or joints, but a candle bath can too. Now, for this, they also produce special devices with medical wax, in which the hands are heated to a certain temperature (up to 50-60˚С).

Is there a cure for psoriasis on the feet?

The gel is excellent for relieving psoriasis on the feet, not only with skin lesions, but also with affected joints. In addition, the treatment of psoriasis on the feet or knees is easier if you use the following types of oils:

  • carrot;
  • the tree;
  • jasmine;
  • bergamot;
  • lavender;
  • oregano and others.

For reference.Do not forget that the use of various oils especially essential oils can cause allergies. Therefore, test each oil on a separate area of skin before using it.

Effective psoriasis treatment - 2 radical approaches

Among the latest medical technologies are several options for radical approaches to cure psoriatic irritation with lasting effects. Doctors noted one effective treatment - small intestinal valve surgery, which could solve the problem with good results for the next few years. The second approach is described below.

Small intestinal valve surgery for psoriasis


You can quickly penetrate the inside of the patient when the question of solving the root of the problem is ripe. One of the pathogenic areas that is the focus of the most burned pathogenic bacteria is the intestine. And where there are many harmful bacteria, large amounts of toxins are formed there, which affect the progression of the disease. By cleaning the intestine or having a good effect on it, a large accumulation of pathogenic microflora can be avoided. Effective psoriasis treatment with surgery not only has its creator, but also its own approach and principles.

The well -known surgeon - the creator of the technique - achieved excellent results when he began performing his surgery on psoriasis patients. The principle of the approach is as follows - if you clean the intestine, and then operate on the small intestine in the area of its valve, restoring the valve, then the intestine will more actively perform the function of cleansing the body. . Problems such as small bowel failure or valve dysfunction are often overlooked. While this is probably the most important cause of the problem. After all, no matter how much you clean your intestines, if the valve does not cope, then it is all in vain.

In terms of efficacy, this method now ranks second along with other approaches, after the strongest drugs with long -term effects. No need to transplant anyone's skin anywhere, no need to plaque scalp! In terms of terminology, the postoperative therapeutic effect occurs within 2-3 months (in rare cases, after 4 months). The body is restored, and the patient can be completely healthy for a period of 4-5 years. If he continues to adhere to strict rules about his diet, active lifestyle and other doctor’s preventive recommendations, then the recovery time may increase to 7 years or more.

For reference.Often, such operational plans are now carried out in Germany and Israel by leading specialists from well -known clinics.

UV radiation

Another method that can be considered radical is the patient’s exposure to narrow -band (311 nm) ultraviolet radiation. Doctors call this method "phototherapy". For the procedure, a special device is used - a lamp for narrow band therapy. The whole procedure lasts about 10 minutes (sometimes less). But it is recommended to do about a dozen such sessions so that the effect is already visible. There were no specific side effects in the treated patients. The result is a stable remission period. Now such lamps are increasingly appearing in clinics, including public ones, which indicates the increasing popularity of the method and its growing availability.

Important!This method of treatment for psoriasis shows equally effective results for both light-skinned people and for owners of dark-skinned patients.

Treatment cream with vitamin D for psoriasis

What is the best cure for psoriasis today?

Today, ointments from Canadian manufacturers are recognized as one of the innovative drugs to get rid of such dermatological diseases in patients. The drug is new, doctors diligently pay attention to its careful use, but at the same time, they record a stable healing effect. Such a remedy for psoriasis is now registered as the best ointment.

The features of the tool are as follows:

  1. The composition of the preparation is developed on the basis of vitamin D, calcitriol.
  2. In 85% of subjects out of a total of 800 people suffering from various types of psoriasis, after 18 weeks of daily use, all manifestations of the disease decreased by 50-70%.
  3. It has not been tested on children, so until they are 18 years old, they should not use such a drug.
  4. This tool continues to undergo its final test.
  5. The main warning from the manufacturer is not to:
    • being in the sun for too long;
    • use ointments along with diuretics;
    • apply to people with a diagnosis of calcium metabolism disorders.

But such a drug removes plaque well, after which there are no spots, dark or thin scars. The effects after using such drugs last for several years.

In conclusion, we can confidently say that the treatment of psoriasis does not have one cure for all cases and for everyone. Each patient will have an individual approach. The disease has not yet been fully studied so that it is possible to vaccinate everyone at once, as was once done against smallpox. And, remember, from smallpox, too, they hiccup at a time for old methods and methods of treatment. The most important and comforting thing is that psoriasis can be suppressed for a while. Sometimes though, with the right therapeutic approach, it is possible to extend remission up to 7 years.