7 folk remedies for the treatment of psoriasis. Recipes and recommendations!

psoriasis on elbow treatment

Psoriasis - psoriasis, is a disease that is multifactorial. In the formation of this disease, a major role is played by genetic factors. Psoriasis is also classified as a chronic and non -communicable skin disease. It is accompanied by a rash and flaking in a certain form.

Folk remedies for the treatment of psoriasis:

1. Wheatgrass

An excellent remedy for psoriatic rash is wheatgrass. In early spring, in autumn, the roots of wheat grass need to be dug up and dried. Basically, a stew is prepared. And then, the sick patient bathes. To prepare the infusion of the drug, it is necessary to pour the roots of crushed wheat grass into a liter transparent jar, measuring the desired amount.

Then they are poured into a large pot, poured with six liters of boiling water, placed in a warm place and insist for about four hours. After that, the pan is placed on the fire (very slowly), bring to a boil. The boiling time is five minutes.

The prepared broth is filtered, poured into a bath with warm water. To get the desired effect from the procedure, the patient must be in such a bath for at least 15-25 minutes. For convenience, a bath is available for the night. The frequency of the procedure is once or twice a week is allowed. A moment of complete cleansing of the skin is expected.

2. Copper sulfate, potassium permanganate

For the drug mixture, you need to take 1. 5 liters of cold and boiled water, half a glass of copper sulfate, half a package of potassium permanganate. All ingredients should be mixed thoroughly.

The affected area is treated with a swab moistened with the composition. It’s worth being prepared for what will burn. You have to last for 4 hours. The mixture is washed only with warm water and without the presence of soap.

The course of treatment itself is usually calculated for 10 days. The frequency of the procedure is influenced by the speed of recovery and well -being.

Basically, we’re talking about manipulation 1-2 times a week. If the patient's condition is characterized by a significant improvement, then the concentration of vitriol and manganese can be reduced by half.

If the disease has an old form, then after a week's rest, treatment should be repeated. Such folk psoriasis treatment will help eliminate the manifestations of the disease.

However, given the intolerance of individual skin, it is not recommended to use it without a doctor's permission.

3. Special recipes

As an alternative treatment for psoriasis, it is worth trying to use a relatively simple, not common medication. To use it, you need to take a blank sheet of paper, roll it into a bag and secure it well so that it can hold the desired shape. The lower wide edges should be cut with scissors and put everything on a ceramic plate. The pointed upper part is burnt.

When the bag is fully burned, the ashes are carefully removed, and the plaque remaining on the plate, with a yellowish gray color, is rubbed on the affected area of the skin. This procedure is repeated until all manifestations of psoriasis plaques disappear. Treatment of psoriasis with this folk method is quite effective.

4. Collection of herbs

To cure psoriasis, you need to take two black elderberry flowers, corn stigma, lingonberry leaves, elecampane root, one part celandine, three parts string, marsh root, St. John’s wort. One tablespoon of the entire collection shown is poured with a glass of boiling water.

The whole mixture is boiled on low heat for about 7-10 minutes, after-40 minutes it is just insisted, carefully filtered, take one and a half glasses after meals after 1 hour, twice a day. Patients with gastrointestinal problems may experience adverse reactions, so do not use without a doctor's advice!

Folk recipes for the treatment of psoriasis external methods involve the use of a collection of substitutes, burdock root, licorice, calamus swamp, fox nettle. From this set of herbs, each must be taken in equal proportions and mixed. One tablespoon of the collection is poured with the same tablespoon of water, all boiled over a relatively slow fire for about 6 minutes. After all received, they insist for about an hour, filtering and lubricating the skin area affected by psoriatic plaques.

5. Medication mixture

Folk recipes for the treatment of psoriasis can be used as such a method: you need to take 150 grams of birch tar, the same amount of pure alcohol, a few grams of camphor oil, three fresh egg yolks. To grind the egg yolks, it is better to take a metal bowl, add a few drops of camphor oil there, mix everything thoroughly.

Tar, alcohol is added gradually, all mixed thoroughly. The ointment is presented in a dark jar. Ointment in this form can be stored for about a year. It is applied this way: you need to take a cotton swab, wipe the affected area on the body with this carefully prepared ointment. Leave it like that for a day. Don't touch, don't wash. After that, try to wash everything with soap, rest for a day, smear the body again. You need to repeat such manipulations until complete recovery.

In folk medicine, psoriasis is treated, including using the following treatment regimens. Attention! The components can be harmful to the body, therefore, without a doctor's permission, a prescription should not be used. The ointment is made on the basis of grease, two -egg protein, linden honey, celandine, then it should be lubricated daily for two weeks on the affected area.

After two weeks, filtered and ground celandine should be added to the same ointment. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate the place of psoriasis rash for two weeks. It is advisable to repeat the first procedure after the appearance of signs of improvement.

Folk recipes for psoriasis include compositions such as fish oil, pine resin, olive oil, birch tar, golden mustache juice, aloe juice, flammable sulfur, propolis. With this mixture, if the doctor approves its use, you need to lubricate the affected area on the skin daily. To get a better effect, you can add celandine, an oily extract from rose hips, sea buckthorn oil, European nails, and strong herbs into the ointment.

6. Japanese Sophora and other compounds

For psoriasis, alternative treatments may include the use of sophora tincture. It is made from the sophora itself, which is poured with vodka, insisting for a full month in a place where the sun does not fall. This composition is taken three times a day, one teaspoon at least 30 minutes before meals. Allergies may occur.

Another effective recipe is this: you need to mix 20-25 grams of ash from oak bark along with the ashes of rosehip branches. Also, 100 grams of grease, 10 grams of celandine with egg whites added there. It is necessary to insist the mixture in room conditions for 15 days, and the affected area is lubricated at least 3 times a day.

You need to take 2 tablespoons of celandine, 1 tablespoon each of a pack of chamomile, string, calendula, motherwort. All herbs are poured with boiling water, the dish is placed on low heat. It does not boil. After that, everything must be poured into a bath of warm water. All that’s left is to boil again.

7. Ointment

The mixture is prepared from one egg white and 2. 5 tablespoons of flower honey, one -third of a tube of baby cream, one teaspoon of sulfur, one dessert spoon of garlic juice, one teaspoon of onion juice, two teaspoons of ash and some roses. hips.

The whole dough is mixed with a mixer. Grease is added to the prepared mass and everything is mixed again. As for the consistency of the ointment, it should resemble sour cream. Such folk remedies for psoriasis are used for at least three to four months.

You should always remember: no matter how effective the alternative methods of treating psoriasis are, so far their safety has not been proven. Therefore, self-medication is not recommended at all.

In fact, harmless herbs, when mixed, can be quite a dangerous mixture, and therefore psoriasis patients need to coordinate their every action with their doctor. And if the doctor forbids self -treatment, then you should listen, otherwise health can be irreversibly affected.