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Dr. DERM is an innovative remedy for psoriasis based on natural ingredients. Anti-psoriasis drugs effectively treat dermatological diseases and cause permanent remission. Relieves itching, redness and flaking, soothes and cools the skin. The effect in patients with psoriasis can be seen after the first use. After three weeks of treatment, the disease subsided.

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Reviews about Dr. DERM in Gorna Orikhovytsya

  • Виолета
    I have been suffering from psoriasis since childhood, maybe heredity, my mother has a similar problem. I tried everything possible - ointments, creams, salt procedures. I found my safety in Dr. DERM has long disbelieved this miracle. Three weeks later, a noticeable effect appears, the spots become dry, the skin becomes moist. A month later, it was all gone!
    Dr. DERM
  • Даниела
    In addition to aesthetic issues, psoriasis morally declines. Everyone accidentally noticed a red plaque on their hand. Poor quality of life makes me look for more and more new drugs that can really help overcome this disease. Tried it all, settled in dr. derm, because after the third application I felt an increase.
    Dr. DERM